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A majestic, grand armchair featuring an intericately carved oval back with double husks and a ribbon knot at the top. Designed by John Mayhew and William Ince in 1769, it has recently been expertly crafted by Maison Utique, complete with a fine tapestry that boasts the quality of pure, handmade craftsmanship.

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Fulvia was an aristocratic Roman woman who lived during the Late Roman Republic. Fulvia's birth into an important political dynasty facilitated her relationship with Julius Caesar's general Gaius Scribonius Curio who fought and won the battle of Utique.


Limited Edition

Every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity that certifies the quality of the masterpiece and helps to assess the current and future value of the artwork.

It is a proof as well of the limited number of pieces created by the Maison.

Gold leafs are all 24 carat yellow gold from GIUSTO MANETTI BATTILORO.

Tapestry is made according to your personal preferences from our notable Venetian suppliers.

Only royalty and international registered monuments do not sign for the waiting list!


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